Sucker Punch

Babydoll and Sweet Pea are the only two girls remaining after Rocket sacrifices herself and Blue kills Blondie and Amber backstage. Babydoll stabs Blue in the neck when he forces himself on her, and grabs his key to unlock the closet where Sweet Pea has been contained. They use their special items to start a fire in one closet, which sets off the fire alarm and allows them to move outside. Seeing men by the front gate, Babydoll wonders how they are still trapped if they found all the items they were supposed to, but then she realizes that the fifth item is herself. She distracts the other men while Sweet Pea escapes, and the camera cuts back to the doctor finishing the lobotomy on Babydoll. Now a vegetable, Babydoll is taken back into the asylum where she is almost assaulted by Blue, by the police drag him away for fraud. Sweet Pea is shown to board a bus driven by the Wise Men, who comments that she has "a long way to go."

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