The Negotiator

As the FBI starts the final siege into the Chicago Police Building where Danny Roman and the hostages are held, Sabian and Roman evacuate and go to Niebaum's house. Roman searches for the taps that Niebaum had, implicating the officers. When he can't find them, Frost comes in, and suggests to Danny there is a way out. Sabian shoots Roman, and talks about being in on the scam. When Frost leaves the house, he sees that Hellman, Allen and Argento(The three in on the scam with him), are being arrested. When being read his rights, Frost points the gun under his chin, to which he is shot in the shoulder and arrested. Danny knows Chris Sabian bluffed him, being shot, and Danny is shortly thereafter reinstated as a police officer.

Rich Strangfeld

Continuity mistake: At the end, the paramedics are taking Samuel L. Jackson into an ambulance. His head is toward the front of the ambulance but in the next shot, Jackson's head is at the back of the ambulance. (02:08:25)

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Lieutenant Chris Sabian: I can't believe this, I'm just surrounded by a room of people who wanna go in there and kill him. This is the guy who call you friend. I got nothing invested in this. I wonder why that is, or maybe someday we'll find out.

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Question: The ending apparently had to be reshot, because the original ending leaked out. What was this original ending?

Answer: The original ending features a huge shoot-em-up, involving more than 150 cops, but it was changed to a shoot-em-up on a much smaller scale that involves only Kevin Spacey, Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Rifkin.

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