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Hall Pass (2011)

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Corrected entry: When Owen Wilson is outside the coffee shop with an iced tea and is drinking it from a straw, he sets it down and the straw goes away. Then he picks it up and the straw appears again.

Correction: The straw is there the entire scene, it's just difficult to see because it's a clear straw.

Corrected entry: While they head to the club and Owen Wilson goes to the bar and asks for three tequila shots, they come to $7. Three shots for $7? Who did the math in this film?

Correction: It came to $57, not $7.

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[Fred is moaning, the male cop knocks on the window.]
Male Cop: Are you okay?
Grace: Don't worry. This isn't what it looks like.
Fred: Yeah, it isn't.
Grace: I was giving him a faux-job.
Male Cop: A faux-job?
Female Cop: Yeah, that's when a woman goes south on a man but she doesn't use her mouth. So she uses her hands and makes noises.
Fred: Wait, what?



After sex, Gerry sits next to Grace on the bed and his pink shirt is unbuttoned. Several shots throughout the conversation whilst on the bed and his shirt buttons are now done up, but when he gets up his shirt is now unbuttoned again.