KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park
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Star Child: We've got to find Devereaux.
Cat Man: That's good with me, Star Child. I'm down to my last few lives.

Abner Devereaux: I'm sorry, my dear, this is a restricted area. Only authorized personel are permitted.
Melissa: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm looking for Mr. Devereaux.
Abner Devereaux: I'm Mr. Devereaux.
Melissa: Oh, well, I'm looking for Sam Farrell. I was told you might be able to help me.
Abner Devereaux: Well, perhaps I can. I'll activate the elevator mechanism. You step inside.

The Demon: There are no right hand except ours, we must protect the power.

Abner Devereaux: I will destroy you! All of you... and you, you kiss will be my instrument.

Star Child: Hi, Melissa.
Melissa: How did you know my name?
Cat Man: He's just showing off.
Space Ace: A little "Star Power" doesn't hurt either.

Space Ace: They all lose their heads over you, Paul.

Abner Devereaux: You will regret this day.

Star Child: He's sweating the possibility that we might pull out. He's just plain sweating.

Sam Farrell: There's something going on here I don't understand. I'll give it a quick look and meet you back here in an hour.

Abner Devereaux: Armageddon is coming to this park tonight.
Cat Man: We don't work with a second act, Deveroux, besides, Armageddon is a lame group.

Visible crew/equipment: When the woman asks where her husband Abner is, the staff member is looking at a visible worded card, which matches what he said.


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