Ground Control

Corrected entry: We learn after the 737 is struck by lightning that it looses its hydraulics this would lead to loss of all directional controls "Rudder, Ailerons and Elevators" hence why they use their engines to control their heading and altitude, yet when he flares upon landing the captain pulls on the Yoke pulling the nose up, this would have no effect if the hydraulics are shot, and the nose wheel steering would also be inoperative yet we see it working at the end?


Correction: Pulling back on the control yoke would be force of habit, or the faint hope that it may actually do something. Planes have redundant safety features in the event of hydraulic failure. The nose wheel would be able to be forced into position by either mechanical or compressed air. Any plane I've flown with retractable wheels has the ability to lock the wheels into position in the event of hydraulic failure.


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