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The King's Speech (2010)

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Corrected entry: When King George VI is giving his speech at 6pm, one clock says 7:20pm.


Correction: In the scene where he is practising the time says 5:50 and no other clock face was legible in any scene after.

Corrected entry: When the archbishop is doing the last rites to the passing king he is wearing a simple wooden cross. In the next scene he can be seen wearing a much fancier one. Afterwards it switches back to being plain wood.


Correction: In this scene the bishop is only seen twice with the cross and at both times it is a fancy cross.

Corrected entry: When Elizabeth first visits Mr. Logue in his office which was sometime in 1926, a picture is shown on his wall of the "Sydney Bridge Celebration," dated March 1932. At this point in time, it was only 3 years into its construction, which finished in January 1932.

Correction: To be fair, this isn't a photo but merely a drawing. So the drawing may well have been available before the completion.

Corrected entry: During the final parts of the movie, while the King is addressing all of the nations, the movie shows different families' reaction to the speech. The error comes when they show Lionel Logue's family. By this point in the movie, Logue's children are teens/young adults (proven by scene showing Logue's son,grown now, driving Logue to the palace to help King George deliver the final speech). However, the family is shown with Logue's children being alot younger.

Correction: Laurie Logue was the eldest, and he had several younger siblings. There is no mistake here.


Corrected entry: The correct name of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of York (younger sister to (now) Queen Elizabeth) was "Princess Margaret Rose". She is incorrectly mentioned in the film as simply "Princess Margaret" a name by which she did not come to be known until she became an adult.

Correction: I suppose you are referring to the fact that her father calls her "Princess Margaret". Even though she was officially known as "Princess Margaret Rose", her family and friends might have called her only "Princess Margaret" on occasion.


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