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Corrected entry: Tire marks and a few eye witnesses alone are not enough evidence to take to trial; the prosecution would have needed fingerprints, recovered the money or a gun, gun shot residue, ballistics reports, etc. Lawyers never go to trial unless their case is air-tight, and Trotter's case was all based on circumstantial evidence.

Correction: Not all the time do they go with an air-tight case. If they are desperate to get them convicted they are going to try as soon as possible.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: The night before the final day of trial the prosecutor calls Vinny and tells him he "just found out" about "new evidence" that he intends to introduce the next day at trial. However this "new evidence" turns out to be an expert witness who testifies about the type of tyres the shooter's car had. This expert discusses tests he had performed, comparisons he had made, and the results he discovered in reaching his opinions (all past tense). There is simply no way the prosecutor could not have known that an expert had been hired to do the testing and comparing and that all this was going on, so it can't be "new evidence".

Correction: It is new evidence because it is testimony from a witness who was not questioned prior to trial, like the other three witnesses.

Corrected entry: Right at the end of the movie when Vinny is trying to leave, the judge comes out holding a file and goes to talk to Vinny. We see him come out of the building and then congratulate Vinny on being a good trial lawyer wearing his robe. It even flaps in the breeze slightly. As Vinny and Lisa pull away in the car, the judge in instantaneously wearing a light coloured suit.

Correction: I watched this scene closely and he is not wearing his robe. He comes out of the door with a fax in his hand and he is wearing his light colored suit. When he shakes Vinny's hand, he is still wearing his suit, but it only appears darker (because of the angle). When Vinny and Lisa drive away and they're standing on the sidewalk saying goodbye, he is in his suit and it looks lighter.

Corrected entry: When the prosecutor meets Vinny in court for the first time he asks him "Is your attorney present?" This would make no sense considering (3) things. (1) He would have had a photo identification of any suspects prior to trial. (2) The sheriff was right behind him in court when they met so the sheriff should have interceded and told the prosecutor that Vinny wasn't the person on trial. And (3) he should have know that he was prosecuting 2 teenagers, not a single grown man.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: This statement is intended as an insult. He is mocking Vinny's ability to represent anyone.


Continuity mistake: At the scene where Vinny and Mona are at a picnic, they take their platters and have plastic silverware wrapped in a napkin. When they go to sit at the picnic table, Vinny places the wrapped silverware next to his plate, then picks them up to eat, but in the following shot, he does the same thing again. (00:35:50)

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Trivia: During the stuttering lawyer's opening statements, if you look in the backround, you will see Vinny, Stan, and Ralph Macchio laughing. It's really obvious when the lawyer is walking back to the table, and Stan has a smirk on his face, trying not to laugh.


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Question: Why does Pecsi lie so much to the judge about his credentials? He graduated from law school and passed the bar. The boys should be able to have whatever lawyer they want.

William Bergquist

Chosen answer: The judge is trying to ensure that Vinny will provide a competent and zealous defense for the boys, and not make a mockery of the courtroom procedure he loves so much. Since Vinny knows that six weeks of civil law practice, and zero courtroom time will not convince him, he lies.

troy fox

Answer: Vinny is an out of state lawyer who (presumably) isn't admitted to practice in Alabama. In order to practice in that jurisdiction, Vinny would have to be admitted "pro hac vice" or "for this occasion only." Especially in capital criminal cases, a defense lawyer must be certified as having a certain level of expertise to avoid later appellate claims of ineffective counsel. In this case, Judge Trotter is actually being fairly lax in just relying on a brief interview of Vinny to make a decision to allow an out of jurisdiction lawyer verbally provide his criminal defense credentials.

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