My Cousin Vinny

Continuity mistake: The scene filmed in 'Daves Bar-B-Q' is across the street from a bank that has an outdoor sign indicating time and temperature visible through the restaurant window behind Vinny. When the meal begins, the time is in the 12:00 o'clock hour. Seconds later when the clock is visible again the time is in the 4:00 o'clock hour. The judge only permitted a 60 minute recess. (01:34:20 - 01:36:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Vinny's car is stuck in the mud, he gets out and slips in the mud. When he falls, they show him land behind the door, In the next camera shot, his body has moved closer to the front of the car and his head is now in front of the door in the mud.

Continuity mistake: At the scene where Vinny and Mona are at a picnic, they take their platters and have plastic silverware wrapped in a napkin. When they go to sit at the picnic table, Vinny places the wrapped silverware next to his plate, then picks them up to eat, but in the following shot, he does the same thing again. (00:35:50)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Vinny tells Lisa "Do me a favor, don't read this book, OK?" there is a shot where her hands are folded near her face, the next shot of the same scene he pulls the book away from her and her hands are now in her lap. The camera shot changes several times. With each new shot, her hands move back and forth between her face and lap.


Continuity mistake: When the judge goes to make a phone call about Jerry "Callo, " he throws his robe on the back of his chair. In the next shot it's gone.


Continuity mistake: When the car gets stuck in the mud (and Vinny falls in the mud), his hand is at the top of the window, when he's slamming the door shut. However, in the next shot, his hand is at the bottom of the window.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Vinny and Mona are talking in the DA's office, look at the computer monitor sitting on the desk. In one shot, you see the sun from the blinds hit the screen. When you see the monitor again a second later, there is no light hitting it and the monitor is moved slightly.

Continuity mistake: The whole scene between Vinny and Lisa at the BBQ joint looks like it was shot in pieces at different times. When Lisa tells Vinny she got "stiffed" and while he is saying "Whoa whoa, what do you mean?", there are two camera angle shots. Lisa's plate moves closer to her; her corn on the cob, sauce cup, and soda-straw wrapper all change positions; Vinny goes from lifting a forkful of food toward his mouth to having no fork in his hand at all; Vinny's Coke can moves closer to him.

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end of the movie after the case is won and Vinny is walking out of the courthouse, Stan, the sheriff, Bill, and Mr. Trotter all take turns congratulating and thanking Vinny. Pay close attention to the shot where Mr. Trotter is congratulating Vinny. In the background you will see a woman with a very bright red sweater leaving the courthouse, then after the judge has congratulated Vinny and everyone is waving as Vinny and Lisa drive away, you will see the woman in the red sweater leaving the courthouse once again. Also, in the same scene during the part where everyone is waving as Vinny and Lisa drive away, look to the left side and you will see three people standing in front of the courthouse, in particular a man wearing a hat, leather jacket and jeans. In the very next shot, when the woman in the red sweater leaves the courthouse for the second time, you will see the same man along with the other two people leaving the courthouse walking behind the woman in the red sweater.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Lisa and Vinny are in the BBQ place and he's making comments about her pictures, her hand alternates between up by her face and down on the table between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Vinny and Lisa wake up in their car and are stuck in the mud, Vinny gets out and slips. As he falls, a large splat of mud hits the side of his head and sticks. When the camera changes we see Vinny trying to get up, but the mud splat is gone. (01:09:15)

Aaron Lassman

Continuity mistake: When Vinny is questioning Mrs. Riley, he is using a tape to take a measure. You see from the front of the room the tape is over the bench but when you see it from the end of the room the tape is holding free.

Rodolfo Miguel

Continuity mistake: When Vinny is showing one of the witnesses the pictures with the trees and the dirty screen, if you look at the pictures (as Vinny is holding them) you can see the last one has a blue back. When the shot changes, the last picture has a white back and the blue backed one is further up in the stack.


Continuity mistake: When the stuttering lawyer is walking back to the table after his opening statement, Stan has his hand up by his face. In the next shot, both hands are down.


Continuity mistake: When the Judge asks Vinny if his clients are guilty or not guilty, he does not have his fingers on his cheeks. Then in the next shot of Vinny answering the question, we see the Judge has his fingers on his cheeks. But when the shot goes back to the Judge telling Vinny that he doesn't understand the question, the fingers are not on his cheeks anymore.

Continuity mistake: When Vinny walks into the Judge's chambers (where the Judge tells him there's no record of him trying a case), the Judge is raising his hand with the cigarette up, in the next shot, it's back down.


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