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Hoffman corners Jill and puts a reverse bear trap on her head with no key, killing her. Then Hoffman is abducted by Dr. Gordon and Brad and Ryan. Dr. Gordon reveals that after he sawed off his own foot John nursed him back to health and told him to watch over Jill. Hoffman is trapped in the bathroom, chained to a pipe like Dr. Gordon in the first movie. Dr. Gordon leaves the bathroom after throwing the saw out off the bathroom, leaving Hoffman to die.

Visible crew/equipment: When Hoffman runs to hide from the second coroner, he goes right up close to the camera. When he does, you can see the camera's shadow on his face. (01:08:00)

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Jigsaw: Congratulations Dr. Gordon... You survived.

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Trivia: Like Tanedra Howard won a role in Saw 6, Gabby West won the second season of Scream Queens and is featured in this film. She is Kara, Evan's girlfriend. She is underneath one of the rear wheels of the car in the garage trap.


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Question: What happens to Bobby Dagen after he fails to save his wife from being incinerated?

Answer: We are never told or shown, but it could be speculated that he was trapped in the building or died from his injuries.


How do you know that?

They don't know. They qualified their answer as being speculation.

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Plus Jigsaw's games are normally set so that if you fail, you're not escaping alive.

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