Alpha and Omega

Easter egg: From the main menu, go to "Scene Selections." Press your Right button until "16. Need A Ride?" is displayed. Press your Up button making the "16. Need A Ride?" frame highlighted. Now press your Up button twice and Kate on the left will wear funny glasses. Press your Enter button and you will be taken to a 1-minute outtake of "Need A Poopy Ride?"

Easter egg: On the second disc, the Special Features, select "Making of Alpha and Omega" (the first thing on the top of the screen). Press your right button to highlight an icon of the wolf (Kate). Press your Enter button and you can browse through three screens of DVD credits.

Factual error: If there was that much of a famine in the pack, the Omega wolves would surely have already died of hunger.


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Kate: There has to be another way for us to get to Jasper.
Marcel: Another way... another way... always another way... what am i... a travel agent?

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