Devil (2010)

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Corrected entry: The firemen pry the elevators open just after the Devil makes her appearance. Why could they not just pry the doors open earlier when the first guy died? Does it really take an entire day to open elevator doors?

Correction: The elevator were stuck between floors before the devil shows up thats why they broke. visiblethe wall to open the door which is visible in the scene. The lift d a crops down a couple of minutes later after devil appears and then elevator is in the position to be opened.

Corrected entry: The movie is taking place during the day, during the week what with all the normal business goings-on. The two security guards are watching an NHL game, which would never be scheduled during the weekday.

DJ Vander Schaaf

Correction: The day of the week is never given. It could be any day of the week. Many companies still work during the weekends.


Corrected entry: The maintenance guy fell onto the elevator. When they finally open the elevator, the maintenance guy's body is not on top.

Correction: The dead body is hard to see but he is lying on the elevator; you can see his leg and the guy's brown colored shoe.

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Detective Bowden's son is ejected from the front of the car and there is a hole in the front windshield. The collision was a straight side-swipe and his momentum should have taken him out the passenger-side window. He would have gone out the windshield if the car had been rear-ended or if they had crashed head-on into something, but the car came to rest in an open field.



All five characters who get on the elevator have the color red in common: the Mechanic's satchel, the Old Woman's hair, the Young Woman's nails, the insignia on the Guard's uniform and the Salesman's tie are all red. M. Night Shyamalan is known for having red as a prominent feature in his films.