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Factual error: Rifles and more so, cannons of the type shown in the movie were not close to being invented in the 1500s.

DJ Vander Schaaf

3rd Mar 2015

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Question: What makes the Argentinean pass out and fall backwards into the hole so Christian can take his place in the final scenes? Did someone slip him a drug at some point?

DJ Vander Schaaf

Chosen answer: It is mentioned earlier in the film that the Argentinian suffers from narcolepsy, and tends to pass out/fall asleep at random moments, which is what he does when Christian returns to the theatre.

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13th Feb 2015

Atonement (2007)

Continuity mistake: In the first enactment of the fountain scene from Briony's viewpoint, the twins have just left her room and can be heard yelling downstairs for Celia's permission to go swimming. In an immediate, steady shot she goes to the window and witnesses the fountain scene already midway through. As we see in the next scene, from Celia's perspective, the twins run by asking to go swimming and she lingers in the piano room for several minutes and takes even a few more minutes chatting and walking with Robbie before they even begin the fountain scene.

DJ Vander Schaaf

Continuity mistake: At Brad's mom's house, after Brad and Kate are finished with their frustrating turn at the board game and Brad shuts down, saying our time is up, the hour glass is fully turned upright with all the sand in the top section. In fact, the sand doesn't even seem to be dripping into the bottom section.

DJ Vander Schaaf

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Richie stops by Joey Sadano's house for the last time, he exits the car with snowflakes flying. He even shivers and warms himself walking up to the house. Inside the house the snowflakes are still flying outside Joey's back window, yet the entire backdrop shows a lush landscape full of green trees in mid-summer glory.

DJ Vander Schaaf

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