Revealing mistake: When Doug 2 wakes up and sees Doug 1, Michael Keaton's body double is noticeable in the angle shot from behind - he has bulkier hair.

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Continuity mistake: When Michael Keaton is talking to his wife he picks up Froot Loops, then a second later he picks up Cheerios.

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Doug #2: [seeing Doug #1] Is that it?
Dr. Leeds: No. I'm afraid you're it.
Doug #2: What do you mean? I can't be it. You mean, you think I'm the clone?
Dr. Leeds: That's right.
Doug #2: I can't be the clone, I'm me. He's gotta be the clone.
Doug #1: No, see I'm, I'm me. I'm me. I'm me, right.

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Trivia: The character's name, Doug Kinney, is a tribute to writer Chris Miller's friend, Doug Kenney. Miller and Kenney wrote National Lampoon's Animal House.

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