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Corrected entry: When Salt pulls out the data stick to stop the nuclear launch, she is shot just below her right shoulder, with enough force that the bullet goes straight through. However, a few seconds later it is revealed that she was wearing a bulletproof vest the whole time, which would have made penetration by the bullet impossible.


Correction: Not if it was armor piercing rounds.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning, Salt has her long plait positioned over her shoulder, but when she attempts to leave the building, the plait is in the middle, running down her back.


Correction: It's not a big deal with plaited hair. She could have just swung the plait over her shoulder. It is hard to see if it's plaited over her shoulder or straight in the beginning so she could've just liked to put it over one shoulder and when she started running where it was didn't matter anymore.

Corrected entry: Salt is climbing down the elevator shaft and reaches a point about four floors above the elevator which had stopped at the bunker. She then finds a smooth section of the shaft which allows her to slide down to the top of the elevator, uninhibited. She does this by using her hands to brake her so that she doesn't free fall. Only problem is that when you hear the squeaking of her hands, you have to believe that there is enough heat from the friction of her hands against the metal to literally burn the skin off her hands, but she does not even indicate that she feels any heat at all- no rubbing of hands, etc. Also, she does not use her feet in this sequence - they are hanging loose during the controlled fall.

Correction: You can't actually see her feet in this portion of the scene, given her stance, like a big X it's reasonable to assume she did use her feet.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, when Salt goes to her apartment, the agents chasing her throw canisters of gas and explosives into her apartment before going in themselves. But wouldn't the explosives blow the windows out, not in? Shards of glass are seen coming in through the windows and covering items on the inside - lots of them.


Correction: This is a common error. Glass goes towards the point of impact when a window is smashed. I'm unsure exactly why this happens but I do know that forensic teams use this to identify people breaking and entering or causing criminal damage because most of the glass ends up on the perpetrator at the point of impact. I just watched a documentary on it.

Corrected entry: When Salt goes back to her apartment, she picks up, from a tank, a small black spider and puts it in a sealed jar. Problem is: when she picked up the spider, she also picked up some shredded paper, but the spider in the jar is free of paper. She didn't have enough time to get rid of the paper, but it's gone.


Correction: Actually she picks up one piece and it is shown to be in the jar later on too.

Corrected entry: After Salt kills Orlov she arms herself with three grenades, picks up a semi-automatic pistol, checks the magazines, then snaps it up into the handle of the weapon. But she doesn't chamber a round by pulling the slide back - yet immediately afterwards she is shooting the bad guys without taking that vital step.


Correction: The gun was ready to fire before Salt ever picked it up. There was already a round chambered when she pulled out the magazine to see how much ammunition it held. Doing this would not remove the previously chambered bullet, nor would snapping the magazine back into place dislodge that round.

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Corrected entry: Near the end when the President is reading the authentication code to the General at NORAD to take control of the Nuclear Weapons, the card he held did not match the code on the computer the NORAD General was looking at. The card the President held was actually every other letter/number of the code shown on the computer screen. The President, however, read all the letters/numbers correctly matching the NORAD computer. The computer screen showed: Z T E 7 9 J X S 7 A M C W 5 6 T The card the President held read: Z E 9 X 7 M W 6.


Correction: The president doesn't read all of the letters. The officer stood next to him also has a card with letters on. These are the missing letters. This assures that the president cannot launch the missiles on his own.

Corrected entry: In the flash back scene where you see the Russian helicopter flying to the castle/building where the young Russian children are being trained (I believe this would have been set in the 60's-70's and is explained by the old Russian spy to Angelina during the interview), the Russian helicopter has the current Russian flag, however it should have the old communist flag.

Correction: The current Russian flag has actually been used since 1896, with the Hammer and Sickle being the official flag after the Bolshevik revolution. The tricolor was resurrected in 1991 as the official flag, but there have been variants of the tricolor used unofficially even during the Soviet era.


Corrected entry: Evelyn Salt is a highly trained CIA agent who is accused of a very serious crime and is a high escape risk. In spite of this when she is arrested she is restrained only with a pair of regular handcuffs in the front, no doubt to make escape from NYPD custody easy.

Correction: No doubt the arresting officer will be facing disciplinary action for failing to properly restrain a prisoner. Doesn't have to be to make escape easier, just an officer who didn't do his job properly. Which is a not unusual occurrence.


Corrected entry: Salt is dressed like a man sneaking into a White House press function. She is posing as the male companion of a former Russian colleague of hers, who is also a double agent. They keep whispering to each other in a heavy Russian accent which makes absolutely no sense given they were speaking to one another in fluent Russian in the previous scene.

Correction: They are speaking English to avoid arousing suspicion and using a thick accent to stay in character.

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Corrected entry: Where Salt is ecasping from the CIA building, she's been locked down in the facility. High security, shutters, alarms and the like. Yet she shoots out a window, and jumps to the street. It's unlikely the CIA would have an un-protected window with glass that you can shoot out.

Correction: She used a DIY mortar frag the incoming troops when they opened the containment doors. She dove through them, and then escaped through a window in a room that was not part of the lockdown area. If anyone knew how to spot the backdoor to the complex she worked in, and was trained to pick up on as part of her training, it was her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Salt is asking to join Ted in the command center where he is about to launch the nukes, the subtitles say "Please, let me join you", but the Russian she speaks is "Prosti Menya", which translates to "Forgive me".

Correction: She actually says "pusti menya" which means: "let me in"

Corrected entry: When salt extracts the venom from a black widow spider, you see the underpart of the spider. If you look closely, there is nothing on its bottom. Black widows have a red hourglass-shaped mark on their bottom to show that they are female. Males -such as the one in the movie- do not contain the potentially deadly neurotoxin that the female does.


Correction: There is nothing in the movie to suggest that the spider is a Black Widow. It is a different kind of spider, one that Mike discovered in North Korea (as shown in the Extended Cut). The spider was named after Beatle Pete Best. It also makes more sense - for her purpose, Salt would not want to use a spider venom that could be potentially deadly given the wrong dose (like the Black Widow), but one with a less harmful venom.


Corrected entry: When Salt returns to her apartment, near the beginning, being chased by her team members, she climbs on the ledge without her shoes. When she climbs back onto the ground and runs away in the next scene, she is wearing boots.

Correction: We see her pick up the boots before climbing out onto the ledge. Clearly, she put them in her backpack off-camera, then took them out and put them on after entering the young girl's apartment.


Corrected entry: When Salt jumps off the bridge onto the semi trailer truck, the truck is a blue cargo container. When the agents follow her to the next bridge overpass, she is on a gas tanker truck.

Correction: When she is on the blue cargo container they have a clear shot at her and the police vehicles following are in the same lane as the truck she is riding on. She sees the gas tanker in the adjoining lane that is about to make a right turn onto an exit, then they show her jumping from the blue cargo container to the gas tanker. A wise move on her part; the agents on the overpass have a more difficult shot, they would be less likely to fire at a gas tanker (they do anyway), and she eludes the police vehicles following the cargo truck.

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Corrected entry: When the Russian Vice President's death is being announced on TV, his life is shown from 19xx - 2011. But it is not even 2011 yet. Probably the movie was originally planned to be released in 2011.

Correction: So what? Films can be set in any year they choose - if nothing else in the movie contradicts the idea that the film takes place in 2011, then the fact that it's only 2010 in the real world is utterly irrelevant.

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Corrected entry: When Salt and Winter are fighting, the police come in and shoot Salt in the front, but then she's lying on her stomach. Later on, when the police pull down her shirt and the vest is seen, it's clear she was shot in the back.


Correction: Salt was shot in the back. Not in the front. She was shot while trying to stop the launch sequence on the football and, thus, has her back facing the shooter.

Plot hole: In the end, all they have to do is ask the President, when he's conscious (Liev didn't kill him; he just knocked him unconscious), who killed everyone in the control room and nearly killed him. He would know who the traitor is and it's not Salt - when they look back at the facts, they'll see how Salt only killed when she absolutely had to, and how she saved lives and stopped a 3rd world war.


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Orlov: The name of the agent is Evelyn Salt.
Evelyn Salt: My name is Evelyn Salt.
Orlov: Then you are a Russian spy.

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Trivia: In the scene where Salt jumps off the subway, the dark and heavily guarded station is supposed to be the 51st Street Station on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line in Manhattan, the nearest station to St. Bartholomew's Church. However, it is recognizable as an IND Station by the thick tiled columns, indented green-striped walls, and the wider train, and is in fact the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station in Brooklyn, with its signs covered by the number "51". (00:46:40)


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Question: Once Salt escapes from the police car (approx 1/2 way through the film), she grabs a fur hat. In the next few scenes she is wearing a matching wrap, including the same fur. Where did she get that?

Answer: She stole it as well.

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