The Art of War

The Art of War (2000)

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Corrected entry: In the "death scene" where Snipes character is shot by the FBI, one of the squibs goes off late.


Correction: That's because it was a fake assassination. So Snipes not reacting properly is quite reasonable.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: The film is supposed to take place in New York City, but there are trains that say "Canada" on them. The film was shot in Canada.

Correction: The stickers on the trains could be advertising something for Canada for example tourism etc.


Corrected entry: When Snipes and David Chan finally come face to face, Snipes literally drops in. Look closely and you will see a third person cowering and moving around a table between Snipes and Chan. At first you think this is David Chan's secretary but as the scene develops this unknown person simply disappears out of the scene.

Correction: When Snipes drops in on Chan's balcony, the older woman, who probably is Chan's secretary, simply leaves the balcony, when she sees Snipes' gun. Snipes isn't interested in her, he just wants Chan.

Super Grover



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Snipes drives a car into a diner, puts a bomb in the car and sets the accelerator so the car will back out of the diner with the bomb. As the car gets outside the bomb explodes causing the glass windows of the diner to blow out. You can see the wiring attached to each window, by the special effects company, making them blow out.



The name of the restaurant that's fronting for the sex dance club is a decent pun - Lo Kee Restaurant.