The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Corrected entry: When Bella goes to see her mother she is wearing Edward's engagement ring, and he has yet to give it to her.

Correction: It's a different ring from the engagement ring. It's way smaller and differently shaped.

Corrected entry: Bella punched Paul and did not even flinch, unlike when she punched Jacob in Eclipse and broke her hand.

Correction: She slaps Paul, she doesn't punch him with her fist.

Corrected entry: In the scene that Jacob kisses Bella forcefully and Bella punches him, the sound of the punch comes before she actually has made contact with his jaw. (00:36:05)


Correction: Kristen Stewart really punches him. The crew put a pad on taylor's face to make the impact sound, as can be seen on the CD extras.

Corrected entry: It is commonly known that in the Twilight world, vampires can be reassembled if they are dismembered but not burned immediately. However, during the fight scene, the vampires seem incapable of doing this, even though there is no real evidence that the Cullens or the Volturi burned them.


Correction: The pieces don't just magically fly back together. They have to blindly attempt to reassemble themselves, or be put back together by someone else, and can only be healed with vampire venom. That didn't happen so the vampires stayed broken.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jasper tells Bella how he became a vampire he mentions that he was on his way back to Galveston, Texas. The next shot shows him riding a horse in a hilled environment. The area around Galveston is without hills for hundreds of miles.

Correction: You could be in the Appalachian mountains and still be on your way back to Galveston. He didn't say he was IN Galveston.

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Corrected entry: This is something that happens from Twilight to Eclipse. In Twilight, Jacob Black tells Bella the story of his tribe being descended from wolves and from there she learns of the Cullens. At the end of the movie, Bella knows that the Cullens are vampires and at the school dance Edward leaves Bella alone. Jacob Black comes to talk to Bella because his father is going to pay him to tell her to break up with her boyfriend. Edward returns and says "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend" So why is it that in Eclipse Bella is unaware that Jacob's tribe are wolves?

Correction: Both Jacob and Bella believe the story to be a legend and nothing more. Edward knows that Jacob's tribe actually is descended from wolves, hence his statement.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Edward & Victoria are fighting, Riley has his hand bitten off by the wolf, yet when Victoria has both her hands around Edwards neck to try and kill him, Riley has hold of both Edwards arms behind his back. How can someone without a hand restrain someone?'


Correction: By hooking his elbows around Edward's arms and then grasping his own forearm with his remaining hand. Pretty common joint lock actually; it's pretty simple to break someone's grip, but a lot harder to break their arms. He probably would have done it that way even with two hands.

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Corrected entry: As Bella and Edward lie together in his bedroom, Edward's reflection is seen in the mirror. According to vampire lore, vampires cannot be seen in reflections. Also, what good is having a mirror in a house full of vampires?

Correction: That doesn't mean that these vampires don't have reflections. Traditional vampire lore has little bearing here. According to tradition, they also need an invitation to enter your house, but Riley shows up all unannounced and stuff. So far as these vampires go, you can't assume how they should behave until one of the movies tells you. They're not traditional vampires.

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Corrected entry: In the first meadow scene in the beginning of the movie when Bella and Edward are talking about marriage, she pushes him to the ground. His hand is on her face as she talks, the scene changes to a wide shot and his hand is now on her waist, but the conversation continues as it should.


Correction: Actually it is Bella's arm that is up by her neck, bent as leaning on it and resting her hand by her head. there is no wrist band with the cullens symbol on the arm,and watching closely you will see it is Bella's arm. so Edwards arm on her waist is correct.

Corrected entry: When Bella pushes Edward down in the grass in the first meadow scene, his hand is on her neck. When the angle changes, his hand is on her waist.

Correction: It's Bella's own hand that is on her neck. It's her left hand holding her hair back so it doesn't fall in her face. Edward's hand is always at her waist.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Billy Black is talking about the origins of the wolf and vampire conflict, there's flashbacks to that time while he is narrating over it, and there is a part where Taha Aki's wife stabs herself in the torso. When we see the close shot of where she stabbed herself whilst she's take the knife away, there is no hole in her clothing, just a patch of blood soaked through.


Correction: Knives are thin, the hole wouldn't be noticeable, especially if the clothing and and the flesh underneath it are both covered in blood.

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Corrected entry: The Cullens are watching a news report about the violence in Seattle. It is night time in the report, and the reporter says "this is CNN live.". Cut to the Cullens watching the newscast, and it is daylight out. Forks and Seattle are both in western Washington, it could not be night in one place and day in the other.

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Correction: I watch CNN "live" all night at work. It was recorded live, not necessarily happening at that very moment but it's big news so they show it repeatedly.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of Jessica's graduation speech, Charlie is seen standing up and begins applauding before everyone else. But, there is no sound and it seems as if the shot is either in there by mistake or the sound was not added. (00:49:10)


Correction: There isn't supposed to be any sound. Bella is recieving her graduation and they put jessica's "epic" speach over the top for enphasis so you notice bella getting her graduation but also get to hear the rest of the speach.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are watching the report, Carlisle hesitates a little with he remote, then turns the tv off. After he does that we still here the last N when the reporter says CNN.

Correction: Many newer TVs (which the Cullens would surely have) have a lag between pressing the remote power button and the TV actually turning off, allowing for the end of a word/sentence/call letter sequence to be heard even after pressing the off button.

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Corrected entry: during the very last scene of the movie, Edward's shirt has a hole where a patch of light is shining through. The hole is burnt around the edges, indicating that one of the actors burnt the shirt with a cigarette.

Correction: Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When it shows the wolves walking up behind Emmett and Alice outside Bella's house, relieving them of their guard duty so they can hunt, the vampires eyes are golden. Their eyes should be black since they're hungry.

Correction: Their eyes only turn black when they've been deprived of blood for an extended period or when they are suddenly hit by an intense thirst. They're hunting fairly regularly at this point to stay as strong as possible in preparation for an assault. Therefore their eyes never do go black.

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Corrected entry: In Twilight, the first movie, Jasper was just turned; in Eclipse, he states how he was a confederate general.

Correction: Jasper wasn't "just turned" into a vampire. He had just converted to their "vegetarian" style of life as in he is feeding on animals and not humans just like the rest of the Cullens.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bella takes off on the motorcycle with Jacob, Edward's eyes are golden. When Edward shows up at Bella's house later that evening, they are black. His thirst wouldn't have become so apparent so quickly.

Correction: It is stated in all of the books that their eye colour can change pretty much instantly through either thirst or anger or both.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alice & Charlie are talking on the steps outside Charlie's house, they are standing still, but in the next shot they are walking down the steps.


Correction: They're standing on the front porch talking as Bella pulls up, then begin walking down the stairs as it cuts to another angle. No error or change in position.

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Corrected entry: In the top left corner of the newspaper Charlie is reading there is an ad for the US Open showing a tennis ball. The US open tennis tournament is always played in late August/early September and not in June when the movie is supposedly taking place.

Correction: Nothing out of place about an ad for an upcoming sporting event.

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