The Expendables

Other mistake: When Sly Stallone and Jason Statham decide to turn the plane around and attack the dock, they approach it from behind flying above land. But when Statham is firing the guns, one of the shots from his perspective shows it approaching from the water.

Gavin Jackson

Other mistake: When Statham has a 5d mark2 Canon camera there were a couple of mistakes in the close ups. At 29:58 the camera is actually off. At 29:55 it shows him twisting clockwise and you see the lens extend then it shows the lcd screen all zoomed in.But the lens he is using is a standard telephoto its only 24mm-70mm and he zoomed out to 24mm which is really wide. Plus that particular lens extends when it is at its widest unlike most other lenses. (00:29:55)


Other mistake: When Christmas starts the plane up when leaving the island the first time, he doesn't cut or loosen any of the mooring lines. However he takes off without a problem.

Ssiscool Premium member

Other mistake: In the opening scene on the freighter, the laser beams track the hand movements of the pirate. First, it is much faster and more precise than what would be possible. Second, why would the SWAT team aim at the pirate's fist, just because he was acting tough?

Jacob La Cour

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