Repo Men

Repo Men (2010)

Ending / spoiler

Remy and Beth make it to The Union's central computer, but realize that it is only repo scanners. They discover that there is no escape from the system - they have to repo their own organs. They accomplish this by cutting themselves open, reaching inside the skin, and scanning the organs. They successfully do so, but not before Jake and his boss enter. Jake has a change of heart, and slices his boss' throat open. He then proceeds to blow up The Union's computer. Sometime later, Remy and Jake are relaxing on the beach. Remy has quit being a Repo man, and has written a book on his experiences. As the two are talking, Jake suddenly disappears. It is here we realize the truth - the entire movie never happened. Halfway through the film, when Remy was knocked out by Jake, in reality, Remy was put into a coma and his brain was hooked up to a virtual reality computer to keep it functioning. Remy will live the rest of his life mistakenly believing that Beth is alive and that they were successful in bringing down The Union....




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Some of the crew members and background extras were also a part of the film "Repo: The Genetic Opera", which has a similar premise. Story goes that Universal wanted to make "Repo", but backed out after the producers refused to meet their demands. (Universal execs reportedly wanted to remove all the musical numbers from "Repo", even though it was by very design a rock-opera.) After leaving the project, Universal then announced this film (then titled "Repossession Mambo") and reportedly approached cast and crew members from "Repo" to come over and work on this film. The creators of "Repo" have made it clear that they feel Universal was merely trying to spite their production by poaching cast and crew members who were unaware of the falling-out between "Repo" and Universal execs.