How to Train Your Dragon

Corrected entry: Just before the village elder chooses Hiccup as the winner of Dragon Training, Hiccup achieves victory by subduing a Gronckle and making it fall asleep, in such a way it cutely kicks its leg in satisfaction. It is shown that Hiccup's father, Stoick, is watching the entire thing. So how did he not notice that Hiccup used a trick like that to beat the Gronckle and become aware that something was off at that point? (00:50:15)

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Correction: Why would it be unusual for him to train dragons in a different way, and considering the fact that everyone was watching this, and said nothing about it, then maybe they were okay with it. The whole point is to teach them how to handle dragons on their own, and Hiccup did it in his own way, so technically, he was still winning control of the dragons. Killing wasn't exactly the only step, especially when the one Viking with the hook didn't kill the dragon that almost killed Hiccup right then and there.

Corrected entry: There is a scene in the training area where Gobber is counting the shots from the gronkle, mentioning that there is a 6 shot limit. At the end where Toothless is fighting the large dragon there are at least 10 shots fired.


Correction: He mentions that each dragon has a limited number of shots and that each is different. The Gronkle has 6 shots while the number of shots for a Night Fury is still unknown.

Corrected entry: When Stoick has the other Vikings blow a hole in the mountain with catapults, he then has a fireball fired down the new cave and it shows hundreds of dragons all over the walls and ceiling. When Stoick yells and charges forward, the dragons scatter and rush out the hole in a panic, but far fewer dragons are shown escaping the hole. (01:13:15)

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Correction: When stoick fires the catapult containing the burning rock, there are hundreds of dragons shown, but if you watch carefully along the back of the mountain, you see the rest flying away.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gobber names the dragons in the arena, he moves to each dragon's cage as he says their names. He names 5 dragons, but there are only 4 cages.

Correction: The Gronckle, The Hideous Zippleback, The Deadly Nadder, and The Monstrous Nightmare all come out from the 4 larger doors. The Terrible Terror comes out from a smaller door connected to one of the larger doors.

Corrected entry: When Hiccup releases Toothless after he is shot down, Toothless pins Hiccup to the floor and there is a close up of Toothless' eyes. His pupils reflect trees, which cannot happen as he is staring at Hiccup. (00:14:35)

Correction: Toothless' eyes are curved: imagine it like looking at the bottom of a spoon. That mirror image doesn't just reflect what straight ahead of him.


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, it is established that the Vikings have an Irish accent, or relative of. All the adults have the accent. Yet Hiccup does not. He is born and raised around them, yet he seems to not have any hint of an Irish accent. He only does once during the film, and that is when he is imitating his father's voice. Other than that, he does not have an accent to match his kin. In fact, none of the teens seem to have the Irish accent, which makes no sense.

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Correction: It's a Scottish accent not Irish, and since Vikings would not have been speaking English anyway, the accents are mostly irrelevant.


Corrected entry: When the twins fly in front of the giant dragon after insulting it, the giant dragon blasts a line of fire at them. The fire passes by the twins on their dragon on their right side, then in the next shot it's passing on the left. (01:16:50)

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Correction: The Dragon actually fires twice at the twins. we see the first one go by the twins completely than we hear the second one as we view the twins from the back.

Corrected entry: When Hiccup draws Toothless in the glen for the first time, he smudges the left tail section, indicating his understanding of the problem of why Toothless can't fly. When we next see the drawing, at dinner that night, the left tail section is clear and unsmudged. (And later in the film, it's smudged again.) Even if the filmmakers "fixed" this error while still in theaters, the DVD version I have shows the original errors - smudge/no smudge/smudge.


Correction: I have the DVD of the movie. And at the dinner table when Hiccup places the drawing on the dragon manual, the smudge is shown there.

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Corrected entry: When Toothless first brings Hiccup and Astrid to the dragon's nest, it is nighttime. About a minute later, when they leave the nest, we can tell that it is daytime. The camera cuts to them back at Berk, and it is nighttime again. (00:57:15 - 00:58:45)

Correction: What you are seeing at that time index, is not day light at the top of the next/mountain. It is moon light brightening up the clouds over head, or possibly smoke/steam coming from the mountain. It is still very much night time at the moment they leave the nest.

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Corrected entry: When Hiccup is training toothless and becomes liked by the locals, when he sits down to eat in the mess hall there is an adult viking that runs to his table from the opposite side Hiccup is sitting on. He runs straight through the bench and then sits on it. (00:38:55)

Correction: Not true. There is no bench, he does not sit down, but simply puts his arms on the table.

Corrected entry: When Hiccup draws Toothless in the glen for the first time, he smudges the left tail section, indicating his understanding of the problem of why Toothless can't fly. When we next see the drawing, at dinner that night, the left tail section is clear and unsmudged. (And later in the film, it's smudged again.).


Correction: This has been fixed. The tail IS smudged at the dinner scene.Apparently it was fixed whilst still in theaters.


Corrected entry: During the first training sequence, Tuffnut and Ruffnut are fighting over a shield. After Ruffnut hits Tuffnut with the shield, she holds it in her hand, but in the next shot, they are both holding onto the shield.

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Correction: On that scene, Ruffnut had always both hands on the shield.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, when Hiccup says the other teens names, right before he says Astrid's name the area behind her explodes, but neither her skirt nor her hair move at all, indicating no wind pushing out from the explosion that happened right behind her.

Correction: This scene is a goofy homage to action films and the whole point is that Hiccup sees Astrid as a lovely beauty who creates a significant reaction in Hiccup - it's not about explosions and wind blowing her skirt.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, right after Hiccup and Toothless take down the giant dragon and everyone is gathering around Toothless, right after Toothless reveals that he saved Hiccup, a close-up shot of Astrid shows her bangs away from her eye, but in the next immediate shot, her bangs are suddenly in front of her eye.


Correction: Throughout the entire film, we see Astrid constantly moving her fringe away from her eyes and it immediately falls back down again (e.g., in the training arena the first time they enter it for training). This is a normal characteristic for Astrid.


Corrected entry: When Hiccup is looking for the night fury, he says, "I manage to lose an entire dragon!" He hits a branch and it snaps back to hit him, after which you see the red mark, but seconds later it's completely gone.

Correction: It's a slight red slash to indicate the branch striking him but it would, of course, dissipate quickly. It's not a cut or a raised welt. This isn't a mistake.


Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, none of the characters' breath forms steam. There are many things in the film that point out it's very cold (Stoik mentioning winter is almost here, they must be in the arctic circle because the Northern Lights are visible, etc.) If it was even fairly cold, breath would form a steam cloud in the air but, somehow, this never happens.

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Correction: 1) The Northern Lights are not just visible in the arctic circle.2) Given what's seen of the current climatic conditions and the abundant vegetation, it seems clear that it's not that cold at that point.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, just after the "queen" dragon is destroyed, Hiccup falls head-first, engulfed by the flames, but the injury he receives is losing his left leg.


Correction: We don't get to see the nature of his injuries or how he impacts the ground because he's wrapped in Toothless' wing. Toothless could have switched him to a heads-up orientation at the last second - shattering his leg, but saving his life.

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Corrected entry: When Astrid meets Toothless for the first time Hiccup says "She's a friend", referring to Toothless. It's established many times that Toothless is a "He".

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Correction: Hiccup is talking to Toothless, referring to Astrid. He's trying to keep Toothless from attacking Astrid by telling him that she's a friend.

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