Mission: Impossible

Question: How was Ethan successful in getting touch with Luther Stickell? Was it the from list Ethan was checking of the disavowed agents?

Shouvik Roy

Chosen answer: Yes, Ethan accesses the disavowed category of the IMF personnel database to recruit Stickell and Krieger. Even if their locations were not there, Ethan is shown to be very resourceful and could have worked out how to find or contact them.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Does anybody know why exactly Max wants the NOC list and if she gets it, what she is going to do with it?


Chosen answer: I don't think it's ever outright stated. But presumably she would use it to sell the names to other governments or extort the money from the US government to protect its assets.

JC Fernandez

Question: How could Ethan really trust Luther to hold on to the NOC list, as Stickell was a disavowed agent himself?

Ethan Hunt

Answer: Frankly, in working with him over the prior few days he just got to know him well enough to make that judgement. That and he could hear Luther react audibly over the earpiece when he saw what it was that they were downloading. He was surprised and had clear fear in his voice. Yes he could have been putting on an act, but this is where getting to know him over the prior days comes into play. As a secret agent himself, frequently sent under cover and surrounded by hostile or unknown players, he would have to become a good judge of character to identify threats and allies.

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Question: What makes Ethan really trust Luther to hold on to the NOC list? I mean he's a disavowed agent, right?

Answer: When Ethan was at Langley making a copy of the NOC list. Listen carefully and you'll hear Luther say "Holy mother of God. The NOC List." He had no idea that's what they were there to get. He knew how sacred that was. Job had made a deal to get the list and sell it. If Luther was in on it, he would not have been so shocked by it. Later, Ethan says if Luther knew what they were going to do, he never would have agreed to be a part of it. Probably because if they got caught the punishment would be severe and Luther was not a bad person. He would not willingly risk lives just for a few dollars.

Question: After stealing the list from Langley they use smoke grenades to escape the building in the chaos of the evacuation. In one scene, Claire is coughing and leaving the building through a revolving door, using her red dress. And in the following scene the whole team is back in the firetruck going away. As everyone else, Claire is back in her firefighting suit. Was it really necessary to disguise themselves again as firefighters? Or is this a continuity mistake?


Answer: The fire engine was their escape vehicle. It allowed them to get away from the site quickly and without question. Otherwise Claire would either be left behind, or get into the fire engine wearing office clothes. Both would cause issues.

Answer: Arguably it was necessary for her to quickly throw on the firefighting gear over the top of her clothes, because if someone saw a civilian getting into a fire truck it might have raised suspicions.

Question: When they are stealing the list from Langley, Krieger is holding the rope to make Ethan go up and down. However, in some scenes he seems to need a lot of effort to do it, and in others he seems to be able to move up and down effortlessly and silently. What is going on?


Answer: Holding him still on the pulley is fairly simple, but moving him requires him to let a small amount of the rope to go at any one time. This takes a lot more effort. It also becomes more difficult once the rope slips from the pulley.

Factual error: CIA headquarters in Langley has its own firefighting unit and never, ever calls for outside help. In fact it is official CIA policy that they would rather have a building and its contents burn to the ground than allow unauthorised access by firefighters they know nothing about.

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Senator John Waltzer: We were living in a democracy the last time I checked.

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Trivia: An early draft of the script was set to feature several characters from the original series all being killed off to raise the stakes for the new characters. The producers wanted to bring back as many of the original actors as possible. All declined, as they felt it was disrespectful to the original series. As a result, only the character of Jim Phelps was brought back, albeit as a surprise villain and not a hero.

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