Cop Out

Cop Out (2010)

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Corrected entry: When the dog is biting Paul's arm, you can see that he has the protective padding on his arm. (00:09:00)

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Correction: What you see is the thick sleeves of his phone costume, they may have been designed as protective pads by the costume designers, but they belong to the phone dress, can be visible from the start of these scenes and can't be depict as protective pads.

Corrected entry: When Morgan is standing outside the cell phone store watching the bad guy make the deal, the bad guy pulls out a full-auto Uzi and shoots the clerk. In the foot chase that ensues he is later shooting at Willis with a regular handgun.

Correction: He could easily have had more than one gun.

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Corrected entry: When Morgan is interrogating a suspect in the opening scene, he hands the suspect his gun when he unlocks the handcuffs. In the next scene, Morgan has his gun in his hand again. Then in the next scene the suspect still has the gun.

Correction: Actually, when Morgan gives the suspect the gun to unlock the cuffs, he takes them back in the next shot. I knew this because he pulled his hand up from where the suspects hands were. Later, when the suspect was supposedly holding the gun again, it was really Morgan. It is a confusing shot because four arms were all in the same place.

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