The Descent: Part 2

Revealing mistake: While Cath is trapped on the other side of the fallen boulders, Dan tries to move some of the rocks to get her out. You can see one of the rocks by his feet move as if it is made out of foam. (00:34:25)


Revealing mistake: When Sarah, Rios and Juno are fighting the Crawlers at the end of the movie, Rios beats one of them to death with a rock and kicks its head open. The head is clearly made out of rubber or some sort of prosthetic.


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Ed Oswald: My granddaddy used to work down there. One time, him and two of his buddies broke into a whole new cave system. Really big. Company bosses figured there should be some rick picking to be had, so they sent my granddaddy back down to have a look-see. He never come back. Folks reckoned they must've broke clean through into hell. The devil was mighty pissed.



When Vaines takes out his gun whilst using the camcorder's night vision mode, the condition of his thumbnail in the close-up shot of him taking out his gun looks completely different to how it is in the close-up shots of him holding the camcorder. In the gun shot it looks dirty and unkempt but looks clean and pristine in the camcorder shots.