The Year of Living Dangerously
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Billy Kwan: What then must we do? We must give with love to whoever God has placed in our path.

Billy Kwan: Here, on the quiet page, I am the master.

Billy Kwan: Most of us become children again when we enter the slums of Asia. And last night I watched you walk back into childhood. With all its opposite intensities: laughter and misery, the crazy and the grim, toy town and a city of fear.

Billy Kwan: I believed in you. I thought you were a man of light. That's why I gave you those stories you think are so important. I made you see things. I made you feel something about is right. I gave you my trust. So did Jill. I created you.

Billy Kwan: -Don't think about the major issues. You do what you can about the misery in front of you. You add your light to the sum of all light.

Billy Kwan: If it's in focus, it's pornography, if it's out of focus, it's art.

Billy Kwan: We'll make a great team, old man. You for the words, me for the pictures. I can be your eyes.

Billy Kwan: I would have given up the world for her. You wouldn't even give up one story.

Pete Curtis: So, Hamilton, you really think Sukarno's going to let the commies have their own little private army?
Guy Hamilton: That's what Aidit says.
Pete Curtis: Aidit's lying.
Guy Hamilton: Maybe.
Pete Curtis: Then why report it?
Guy Hamilton: Maybe he's not lying.

Guy Hamilton: It's not just A story, it's THE bloody story - can't you understand that?

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