Ninja Assassin

Corrected entry: When Mika sets off the small pill-shaped homing beacon (the one the guy gave her so he can find her when she sets it off in need), it is at night and the bad ninjas take Raizou. Then the guy shows up at day and she says it was 10 minutes ago.

Correction: It is not night, it is pre-dawn, and she lied when she told him how long it was since the ninjas abducted him.


Corrected entry: The entire turning point of the movie pends on the ninja finding Raizou and taking him back to the clan. OK. That's fine, but they've been trying to send ninja to kill him for the last few years (the first few fighting scenes show them trying very hard to kill him). When they finally find him unable to defend himself, why drag him to the clan instead of just gutting him there?

Correction: Because, as we can see in other parts of the movie, executing a captive "traitor" to the clan is a way for them to regain their honor (as well as present a very graphic example to the current clan members). So they would very much prefer to take him alive and execute him in a public display. However, catching Raizou alive would be extremely difiicult (as we can see), so up until that moment they have opted for just trying to catch him unawares and kill him quickly instead.


Corrected entry: Mika needs to be protected by Raizou because she's become the next target of the ninja. After she rescues Raizou from the attack at the police station, she and Raizou are sitting in the hotel room. The ninja have followed them, and Mika plants the tracking device on Raizou so we can get to the film's finale. We cut to the scene where all the police, the army, swat, etc. come rushing into the hotel, and we see Mika sitting calmly on a chair and she remarks, "You're too late, they took him ten minutes ago."Ok, but why didn't they kill Mika? That's was the entire point of the film up until now. Even though they were also trying to kill Raizou, they were still after her. She showered and smoked, but that really doesn't help when they followed your car filled with ninja stars. I doubt highly trained, mystical shadow assassins would miss her while she was hiding in the closet.

Correction: It shows her outside before the ninjas show up. While they could have still found her there, he was the bigger concern so once they took him, it was simply a matter of time before they caught up with her. She wasn't just hiding in the closet.


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