The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows (1996)


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The Jailer's Daughter: I made bubble-and-squeak.
Toad: What do I care for the pleasures of the flesh.
The Jailer's Daughter: I'll take it away, then.
Toad: No! We wouldn't want to waste it.

Rat: I say! Badger.

Mole: Dog food factory.

Mole: I can't throw for toffee.

St John Weasel: You've only got one shot. Give me the gun... and we'll all be friends.
Mole: Friends? Thought you said there was no such thing.
St John Weasel: Oh come on! That was just the intro to a song.

Continuity mistake: During Toad's walk on the road dressed in a tealady's dress, when the camera is at his feet, his green tights are pulled down to the shoe, but when Toad puts his foot on the stone sign his tights are all the way back up his legs.


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