Sahara (1943)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where we see a German aircraft, it appears the German aircraft is a earlier variant of the Mustang fighter the P-51B or a P-51C with a longer cockpit canopy. Everything about the aircraft - its rate of climb, sound of the Merlin engine, wing and tail shape points to it being a disguised P-51B Mustang fighter. Later versions of the P-51 Mustang had a bubble shaped canopy. The film was made in 1943 and the war was still on so they would have had a problem getting the real McCoy .


Correction: I believe the assumption this is a P51B or P51C is in error, after watching this clip during a break down of the movie using Blake Edwards Beat Sheet, I looked at it very closely, and believe it to be a North American A-36, which even at this point in time while not a slug, was not procured in massive numbers, in fact we even started outfitting the French Armee D'Air with the aircraft about this time frame.

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