Meet Joe Black

Bill Parish, head of the multi-national company, 'Parish communications', has been having heart attacks and has been hearing voices lately. His daughter, Susan is romantically involved with Bill's new business associate, Drew. His other daughter is planing Bill's 65th birthday party. One family dinner, the voice tells Bill that he is waiting at the door. Bill asks his maid to check and see if anyone is there. It turns out there was someone there, who turns out to be death. Death asks Bill if he can host his vacation, and in return Death will give him more time to live. Death has taken the body of a young man Susan met at a coffee shop, and she recognizes him as the young man. She is disappointed though that he does not act the same way he did the morning at the coffee shop. In spite of this, Susan and Death (Who has told the family his name is Joe Black) fall in love and 'get together' at Bill's house. Bill is enraged when he discovers that Joe and Susan are in love and tells Joe to back off. Meanwhile, Drew is trying to get bill to partner with john bontaque, head of another communications company. It's soon clear that Drew is merely trying to get Bill to partner with Bontaque so he and Bontaque can sell it off peice by peice.

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Young Man in Coffee Shop: You know I was thinking, I don't want you to be my doctor. I don't want you to examine me.
Susan Parrish: Why?
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Because I like you so much.
Susan Parrish: And I - I don't want to examine you.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: You don't? Why not?
Susan Parrish: Because I like you so much.



When Marcia Gay Harden is doing the final preparations for the party that night, she and Anthony Hopkins have a dialogue where they talk about favorites and children. Towards the end of the dialogue, she hugs him and the watch on her wrist says something like 10am. A minute later she hugs him again and the watch now says 12:25.