Factual error: Another problem with Speckles the star-nose mole. Star-nose moles live in "wet lowland areas" (Wikipedia) but in the film, Speckle's history is shown and his home used to be a field with undulated small hills.

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Factual error: When Mooch is leaving the pet shop he goes through a bunch of Venus fly traps and they instantly snap at him. Venus fly traps don't close their leaves instantly, they wait for the prey to land and move around, closing tighter the more the prey wiggles.

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Blaster: I'm pretty sure this is animal cruelty. [His remote controlled car jumps over toys.] WOOOHOO! But I love it!



Ben demonstrates for the FBI that he has not only invented gear that allows animals to speak English, but trained ordinary rodents to a level on par with Navy Seals. The FBI laughs at him and cuts his funding, a plot hammer so G-Force can escape and save the day. Are they kidding!?! Even if the info G-force brought back is wrong, Ben has created agents that can repeatedly infiltrate almost literally any place on Earth. No government agency would pass up such a huge intelligence gathering tool.