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Land of the Lost (2009)

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Continuity mistake: When Will Stanton shows Rick "the perfect woman" mug, he's holding it by the handle in his right hand. In the next shot, he's holding it at the bottom in his left hand. (00:10:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Will Stanton shows Rick and Holly the model of the Devil's Canyon, Resort & Casino, he points to one of the pyramids on the top of the model. In the next shot, his hand has disappeared. (00:11:05)

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Visible crew/equipment: As the three stars are watching the ice cream truck being attacked by dinosaurs, a crew member is briefly visible in the lower right, behind McBride.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Mashall first sees the 'pole' and reaches for it, it appears to be 6 feet long. It is easily spun around without hitting the ground as he is examining it, unless he is 8 feet tall. Then he gets the idea to 'vault' over the T-Rex and runs toward the dinosaur. As it digs into the split between two rocks and he starts his ascent, we see the vertical 'pole' is suddenly about 10 1/2 feet tall, noting that the bottom of the animal's jaw is at about that level. As he rises, he springs forward and elevates with his feet to 13 feet, with the animal's jaw risen to that level as well. Dr Marshall is certainly not fat, but he is also not physically conditioned to be able to 'vault' 13 feet, and especially not with a 'jungle stick'.

Continuity mistake: When the raptors are attacking the ice cream truck, (specifically when some of them are slamming their bodies into the truck) they are shown with a small crest above their eyes, which are red. A few seconds later, they're shown with yellow eyes, and the crest is gone.


Continuity mistake: The distance of Dr. Marshall and team when being chased by the Allosaur and T-Rex in the desert scene varies from being only a few feet away to instantly being hundreds of feet away.


Continuity mistake: After the T-Rex takes out all the sleestak, we see Holly hand her belt to Will twice - after the second time she runs through the portal. In the next scene inside the portal, she's now wearing the belt again.


Continuity mistake: The skins that Dr. Marshall and Will find when they go to rescue Holly are out of proportion and don't even look close to how the rest of the sleestak are shaped. Even though it was a "shed skin" - it doesn't even have the same patterns on the legs and arms as the real ones.


Continuity mistake: When Holly is translating Chaka's talk with Will around the campfire, we see the closeup shots of Holly showing her right hand holding the bottom of her notebook while she is writing in it. In the closeup shots of Chaka and Will, her hand is up underneath the book curing over the top.


Continuity mistake: When Dr. Marshall is running towards the catapult with the Nitrogen tank, we see a shot from under the catapult with Rick but no dinosaur behind him. Given the relative flat layout of the land and height of the dinosaur, it's clear they forgot to add it into the scene.


Continuity mistake: When the 2 dinosaurs smell Rick by the ice cream truck, they are at most 100 feet from them. However when we see Rick catching up to Chaka, the dinosaur is now several hundred feet away, catching up.


Continuity mistake: When Rick goes to pour pee on himself, the face of Will's watch is more on the side of his arm. When the camera cuts back the watch is now facing up from his wrist again, only to go back again to being on the side in the subsequent shots.


Continuity mistake: When Rick Marshall douses himself with dinosaur urine, the amount on his shirt changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When the dinosaur slobbered on everybody in the cave, they were covered in heavy slime. In subsequent shots, with no time or means for anybody to clean up, the slime was almost entirely gone.

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Question: Has it been explained how all those animals (and primates) ended their lives in the tyrannosaurus rex's lair? Did all of them get there by the sand trap(s)? If so, who re-hid them after they had been walked into? Perhaps the lair was used as sacrificial grounds or execution by the primates?

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