Marked For Death

Marked For Death (1990)

Ending / spoiler

John Hatcher and his crew go after Screwface in his compound, engaging Screwface's crew. Hatcher(Seagal) dispatches Screwface's right hand men, then hits him in the crotch and decapitates him with the sword. Hatcher and his remaining crew then tell the other members of Screwface's crew that "He'll give them 12 hours or they all die." Screwface's twin brother takes one of the good guys hostage, and impales him with a sword. Hatcher and Screwface's twin fight up to the club, where Hatcher slices the twins face, blinds him and slams him through a wall. Hatcher gives the Twin the backbreaker, and throws him through a shaft, leaving the twin to be impaled. Hatcher and his one remaining crew member walk through the streets.

Rich Strangfeld



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