State of Play

Factual error: When Robert Bingham is shooting at Cal, an MPD (Washington, DC) squad car shows up. However, the scene is set in Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, outside of MPD's jurisdiction. Arlington County Police would have responded instead. (01:13:05)


Factual error: The building where Della goes to find the pizza boy is not a hospital. It is the HUD building, which contains only government offices - no one could be hospitalized there. (00:41:50)


Factual error: A girl is shown walking in Adam Morgan, DC but is actually waiting to ride the DC Metro at Rosslyn Station in Virginia.


Factual error: When there is a killing in Georgetown, and Russell Crowe is responding he is shown driving through NW DC but then appears to be in SW DC where the murder victim's body is.


Continuity mistake: Crowe gives the girl reporter a necklace made of ballpoint pens. When Crowe leaves and she runs after him the necklace is gone. (01:47:45 - 01:48:45)

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Della Frye: Did we just break the law?
Cal McAffrey: Nope. That's what you call damn fine reporting.

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Trivia: At the climax of the movie when Russell Crowe confronts Senator Collins about his involvement with the death of the senate research aid, he goes outside to leave and is accosted by the assassin, Robert Bingham. Bingham is apparently going to kill Crowe when the police show up in force. Bingham raises his M-16 to shoot Crowe and the police shoot him. In the next scene Crowe is entering the news article in the newspaper's computer. The camera gives us a glimpse of the computer screen. If you pause it and read the story it says that the assassin, Bingham, is found by the police dead at his apartment from an apparent suicide instead of being shot down in a fusillade of police gunfire in front of Senator Collins' office.

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