Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence
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Pedersen: You didn't come to see me to make a decision. You came to me because you didn't like the decision you'd already made.

Frank: There's nothing more boring than looking at paintings. Only reason anyone ever comes to an art gallery is to get laid.

Airport Information Clerk: I do this in the name of sports-watching, romantically-minded men; a maligned, misunderstood minority.

Laurence: When I get nervous, I never say anything. I just sit there and get uptight.

Frank: My perfect partner is me.
Martha: You?
Frank: Yeah, me... With breasts.

Martha: I've heard you British guys are all gentleman. You are British aren't you?
Daniel: English actually.

Continuity mistake: When Laurence is about to describe his idea of the perfect woman, Frank has his left hand covering his mouth as he coughs. The shot changes to a different angle and he now has his right hand, holding a cigarette, up to his mouth, whilst his left hand is folded across his abdomen.

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