Madea Goes to Jail

Madea Goes to Jail (2009)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Candy the prostitute is calling for help, she dials the operator and says it is an emergency and to connect her with the district attorney. The call goes through to his cell phone and he picks up. This is not how the district attorney's office operates. She would have been directed to 911.

Correction: A 911 emergency is for a life threatening or crisis situation. It's apparent that she has some connection to the DA, since he took her call, and she felt the emergency was not something she wanted random people involved in. Better to do it this way, than some idiots who have called 911 because their hamburger was served incorrectly at a fast food drive thru.


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Dr. Phil: What is wrong with you? Why do you feel the need that you gotta "get" somebody all the time?
Madea: Well when you gettin' "got" and somebody done "got" you and you go "get" them, when you get 'em everybody's gon' get got.
Dr. Phil: Yeah but you're gettin' the gotters when they didn't do anything to even get you.
Madea: Yeah but if the gotters get me I'm gonna get my glock.



Candy's full name is Candace Washington, which is referred to in the movie, yet when she is released early from prison, the correction officer calls her Candace Collins.