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Corrected entry: All the cars have Virginia license plates that have seven figures: a letter, a number, a letter, then four numbers. But on real Virginia plates, the first three figures are all letters.

Correction: Most movies have altered license plates to avoid lawsuits, same as having phone numbers beginning with 555. As such, since it's done with intent, it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Brooke followed Oliver to the warehouse and was watching him in the mirror, why does it look like the steering wheel is on the right hand side and he gets out on that side. Despite the fact she is looking through the mirror, I don't think it should appear that way.

Correction: Because she is looking through the mirror, it appears that way. He gets out of the left hand side of the car, where the steering wheel is.

Corrected entry: Near the end when Jeff Bridges is talking to his old FBI buddy in front of the capitol building in DC, he mentions he was out for a walk on his lunch break. Well he works at George Mason University, which is in Fairfax, more than 10 miles away. Now that's a long walk.

Correction: He actually worked at George Washington University in the film which is in downtown D.C. and is in plausible walking distance.

Corrected entry: There is no bridge over Washington D.C. that gives the view of the city that Tim Robbins has when he watches the explosion at the end.

Correction: That's because he was still on top of a building not a bridge. Now I don't know if there is a building or not that gives that view.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Jeff Bridges follows the truck into the building which he thinks has the bomb. The police open up the van to find it is completely empty. The security guards say the van is there for it's regular delivery. If the van is there for it's regular delivery, why is it empty?

Correction: It could be that the man was delivering an envelope or a small package and it was placed next to the delivery man.

Corrected entry: When Bridges sees his son in the back window of the van he drives an old model of that Ford (In Europe it's called the Mondeo). After the fight with Robbins he drives a newer version - The front of the car is different, there is some silver on it now.

Correction: It's not a mistake, it's a hint. While Bridges is fighting with Robbins they switch the car on him - the new car has a bomb in the trunk.

They don't switch the car on him (as if they would know exactly what model and color of car he would get from the rental shop). They simply popped the trunk and placed the bomb in his car while he was fighting with Tim Robbins. In the DVD commentary they state that the original car was damaged badly in the bus crash scene so they had to get a different car.

Corrected entry: When Jeff Bridges is researching Tim Robbins, he goes to the Kansas City Star as his source. The web page says the Star is the leading source of news in Kansas. However, the Kansas City Star is published in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas.

Correction: It may be published in KC Missouri, but it doesn't mean that the paper isn't read in Kansas. Where I live is a very small town, but we get newspapers from Vancouver, 300 miles away, and Calgary, 250 miles away, and in another province. Both are far better news sources than the weekly newspaper we have here.

I agree that it is totally plausible that the newspaper could be read in Kansas. However, I believe the original entry is pointing out that it is a little odd for a newspaper published in Missouri to state on its website that it is the best source of news in Kansas.


I agree the mistake seems valid and probably created by someone who doesn't know there are 2 different "Kansas City" cities. Just like there's probably a lot of people who don't know the Kansas City Chiefs play in Missouri. And a Calgary newspaper probably wouldn't say they're the leading source of news in British Columbia just because people from there might read their paper.


Continuity mistake: One for car freaks : In the car pursuit towards the end of the film, two different model years of the same car (Ford Contour) are used. After taking a turn in the '97 version, the next one is taken in the quite differently styled '98 model.

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Oliver Lang: I'm a messenger Michael, I'm a messenger! There's millions of us, waiting to take up arms, ready to spread the word... millions of us.
Michael Faraday: No! The government's not who you're killing.
Oliver Lang: Yes. Yes... they'll pay. They'll pay for their sins. Their lies.
Michael Faraday: You're killing children! Children die.
Oliver Lang: Children... I know that. This is war, Michael. In a war, children die.

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