Correction: He calls him "Bruce". He's just addressing him by his last name.


Corrected entry: Whilst in the mall Renee changes her outfit three times. First, when Brodie first spots her in the mall in a shop, second, when Brodie and Shannon are outside the lift and third, when T. S. and Brodie get arrested and she is standing in the shoe shop. However, when Renee and Shannon appear in the audience of the game show she has changed back to the second outfit and tied her hair up.

Correction: She's at the mall shopping and getting ready for her date later, so she'd be trying on different things and wearing them out of the store before settling on something for her date. According to the commentary track, Shannen Doherty's contract said that she got to keep any of the clothes her character wore in the film, so she used this same justification to scam an entire new wardrobe on the studio's dime.

Captain Defenestrator

Corrected entry: When in the dirt mall, Brodie is looking and the comics, and TS tries on a hat, which he then removes in a disinterested way. The hat says "Clerks", Kevin Smith's first film, which was made just before this one.

Correction: Far too obvious, to anyone actually watching the movie, to be trivia.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Brodey meets Stan Lee he shakes his hand with same hand he performed "stink palm" with earlier in the film. (01:01:10)

Correction: Too obvious to be considered trivia.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Brodie and Rene are in the elevator, right after they have sex, Brodie does a little dance to the tune that is played on the pause screen of the classic Nintendo game "Battletoads".

Correction: Actually, this is not true. It was confirmed on the audio commentary that the music Brodie is immitating is his own interpretation of the type of music you hear in clubs. His dancing was also based on this interpretation. In no way does it relate to "Battletoads."

Corrected entry: When Brodie and Jay are talking about destroying the stage Jay points out the Death Star-like weaknesses on the reverse (blank) side of the folded blueprint.

Correction: As you mentioned, the blueprints are folded, therefore Jay and Silent Bob are looking at the half of the blueprint that they have doubled over.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob are chased in the alley, Bob pulls out an inflatable doll, and throws it to his side. In the next shot when the cops run in the alley, the doll has disappeared. (00:52:15)

Correction: We never see the entire end of the alley. It could well simply be off-camera to the left.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: Silent Bob swings down from a high point in the mall. There is a shot where we have a side view of Bob as he is flying through the air. However, he stays level with the stores at the mall for much longer than he actually would. He would only be level with the floor for a fraction of a second, and would then begin rising back towards the other side of the ceiling.

Correction: It's too obvious that this was intended. It's not a mistake, just part of the comedy.

Corrected entry: When Brodie and T.S first talk to Jay and Silent Bob about destroying he stage, Jay smacks the cigarette out of Silent Bob's hand. We see he doesn't reach down and pick it up, but instead takes a new one out of his pocket. However, none of the cigarettes Jay smacks down are on the floor when it pans out to all four of them.

Correction: After Jay and Silent Bob go to work out their plan Brodie and TS are shown walking past the pet store and in the lower left hand corner you can barely make out the cigarettes on the floor.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Rene dumps Brodie she pushes the dresser against the wall to go through the window she then opens the window and sticks the window to the roof. The camera flips to Brodie and when it goes back to Rene the window is not stuck to the ceiling it is suspended inches below the roof.

Correction: The window never actually sticks. This can be seen in an alternate take in which the camera stays on Rene durning Brodie's lines. The window enters the hole and then falls out after she lets go, the part of her letting go was cut but the time over which it happens is not, the camera is just on Brodie.

Other mistake: The Magic Eye Picture that Willem is looking at throughout the movie is NOT a sailboat. If you pause the movie and find the image it's actually three rows of 3D shapes.

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Gwen: Why are you glowing?
Brodie: I'm not glowing.

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Trivia: The music playing while they're waiting outside the lift that Brodie and Rene are having sex in is the same tune as the lift music from the Blues Brothers, "The Girl From Ipanema" by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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