The Uninvited

Anna's sister Alex and her mother are dead due to the accidental boathouse fire and their ghosts are trying to warn Anna about this dangerous black widow woman known as Mildred Kemp. Mildred was a nurse/nanny who murdered the three children she took care of to marry their father. According to Anna, Mildred changed her name to Rachel.

Rachel tried to marry Anna's father, who was unaware of the danger and the malicious intention of this woman. Anna also knew that the necklace that Rachel has is exactly identical to Mildred Kemp's necklace. Anna tried to warn her father but her father did not believe her or believe in ghosts. Anna killed Matt because he knew what really happened on the night of the fire: Anna arrived home to find Rachel and her father having sex. Disgusted, she went to the boathouse to fill a watering can with gasoline so she could burn down the house. She did not shut off the faucet all the way, and when Alex arrived she knocked over a lantern. The boathouse exploded, killing Alex and her mother.

Anna was the one that finally stabbed Rachel to death and not Alex. Anna was arrested and institutionalized. The psychiatrist comes by to see Anna, and she tells him "I finished what I started," meaning to return home and kill Rachel. Standing in her room with pearls in her hand is another patient; the name on her door reads "Mildred Kemp." It turns out that Mildred Kemp was really a patient who gave Anna the pearls. She says "welcome home" to Anna who smiles back at her and the movie ends.

Rachel was really a nice person who had changed her last name to escape from her abusive ex. Anna was so unstable, she believes her sister Alex is alive. Since Anna 'finished what she started, we can assume she planned to kill Rachel from the start and used the pearls her friend Mildred gave her, as well as the story she made up.

Hillary K.

Continuity mistake: When we first see Anna's mom, the bell is on her left hand. But in the scene where Anna is down in the beach house at night and sees her dead mother, the bell changes to her right hand.


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Matt: I love you... I have a condom.

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Question: If Mildred Kemp is in the mental institution under her real name, then why in the article does it say that she is still at large? Is this just part of the delusion that Anna is playing out?

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Chosen answer: The newspaper article saying she was still at large was 20 years old. It can safely be assumed that she was caught and put into the institution during that 20 year time frame.


What? I'm still so confused. Are Rachel and Mildred the same person? Who killed the three children?

Anna has a disorder, which is another reason she was in a psychiatric institution and not jail. Her personality disorder is called dissociative identity disorder, where she takes on alters, aspects of her personality who handle stress, when she cannot. Alex and Mildred were alters of hers, which is why Anna thought Rachel was Mildred. The MIldred alter did the things she couldn't do, killing Rachel because she thought she was evil. And a Mildred alter can be thought of wanting to revenge her capture, so why not make a mini Mildred out of Anna?

No... Mildred was in the mental hospital with Anna and told Anna stories about her murdering the children I'm sure (since she asked when Anna left the hospital who she was going to tell her stories too). Anna wanted to kill Rachel to begin with and when she faked being mentally health enough to escape, her intention was to be home to kill her. She did and then goes back to the hospital, where the real Mildred Kemp is.

Answer: No they're two different people. The woman who spoke to Anna at the asylum is Kemp. Rachel just changed her name to escape an abusive ex boyfriend.


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