Mafia (1993)

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Corrected entry: When Don Cortino is killed by his grandson Chucky, Chucky reaches into Don Cortino's pocket and takes his wallet (and his watch I think). When Chucky walks away laughing, you can see Don Cortino breathing rather heavily.

Correction: You can see and hear him take only one breath. This is supposed to signify his "last breath". After he takes that breath, that is when he dies.

Corrected entry: When Signor Ruffo is shooting at Vincenzo, he runs out of bullets (he even uses his thumb as one). But when Vincenzo is getting away, Ruffo shoots down a tree. Where did he get that bullet from? He didn't have time to reload or change the weapon.

Correction: Signor Ruffo is using a double barreled shotgun, and both barrels were loaded (one with his thumb). He fires only two shots without reloading. You can fire one barrel of a double barrel shotgun without firing the other barrel. In fact, it's harder to fire both barrels at once than it is to fire one at a time.

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