Crank: High Voltage

Chev is taken to an island where El Huron awaits. It is revealed that El Huron is the brother of Ricky and Alex Verona, both of whom Chelios killed in the first film. He reveals Ricky Verona's head is being kept alive to watch El Huron kill Chelios. El Huron is about to kill Chelios when Orlando, Venus and Ria show up, each with their own group of gunfighters, and a fierce shootout ensues. Chev kicks Rick Verona's disembodied head in the nearby swimming pool. Venus engages El Huron in a fight before he can kill Chev. As he starts to slow down, Chev climbs a nearby electric pole and grabs a pair of live wires to recharge. He is flung off the pole and set on fire by the massive current. He returns fully powered and on fire, just in nick of time to save Venus, and kills El Huron. Due to a hallucination caused by the electric currents, he sees Ria as Eve and kisses her, inadvertently setting her on fire as well. Chelios walks towards the camera, giving the middle finger to the audience. During the first portion of the end credits, Doc Miles replaces Chev's heart. At first it looks like a failure, but Chelios's eyes open wide and his heart monitor indicates normal activity.


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