I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man (2009)

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Corrected entry: In the middle of the wedding scene, Zooey is explaining to Peter why she invited Sydney to the wedding and she calls him Paul, the actor's name, instead of Peter, the character's name.

Correction: She says "Well, I saw you walking around", confirmed by subtitles.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter was on the phone with Lou Ferrigno, after the phone call, Sydney tells Peter that he donates blood every few weeks. The real time span is supposed to be a minimum of 56 days (8 weeks). Although Sydney makes it sounds like he goes every 2-3 weeks, he would only be able to go about every 2 months.

Correction: So either he lies about when he last gave blood (some places pay for it) or in his mind 8 weeks is "a few" weeks rather than two months. Not a factual error, not even really a character mistake. Just his way of looking at it.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Sid shows Peter his bumper car, he says he bought it off eBay. He tells him he had to pay the "buy it now" price because he was in a bidding war with someone else and didn't want to lose it. On eBay, once a bid is made, the "buy it now" choice disappears and is no longer an option.


Correction: This isn't always true. If a listing has a reserve price, the Buy It Now doesn't disappear until the reserve price has been met.


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Joyce Klaven: Peter always connected better with women.
Zooey: You know, I can see that because he is a great boyfriend.
Peter Klaven: Thank you fiancee.
Oswald Klaven: Also, you got to understand, Zooey, Peter matured sexually at a very early age. I remember taking him swimming when he was twelve-years-old, kid had a bush like a forty-year-old Serbian.
Peter Klaven: Oh come on!



J. K. Simmons plays Paul Rudd's father in the movie, even though in real life he's only 14 years older than Rudd.