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Corrected entry: In the barbed-wire/staple-gun match, the hillbilly character ends up with a $5 bill stapled to his forehead over his left eyebrow. But when we see him in flashback stapling it, it's much closer to the center of his forehead.

Correction: The stapling was real. The wrestler's name is Necro Butcher and he only did it one time.

Corrected entry: Evan Rachel Wood is billed as Stephanie Robinson, but that can't be her name. The main character's real name - as revealed in the hospital, pharmacy and supermarket - is Robin Ramzinsky. Randy Robinson is his stage name, and Stephanie hates him, so why would she use it?

Correction: Robinson could have been her mother's last name.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Randy's van is missing the passenger side view mirror, but later in the movie it reappears.

Correction: The fact that you have stated that the side-view mirror appears "later in the movie" invalidates this mistake, because Randy could very well have had that mirror fixed/reattached, at some point off-screen. It would be a legitimate mistake if the mirror would suddenly appear between shots, with no time to have fixed it.

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