Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds (2008)

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Corrected entry: In the opening scene, the voice over says God created the world in seven days. According to the bible, God created the world in six days (and then rested on the seventh).

Correction: It is true that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. However, the traditional saying is 'God created the world in seven days', not six. So, it isn't a mistake. It is the most common way of saying it.

Corrected entry: The first time "Ben" and Emily are in her kitchen, Emily takes a casserole out of her freezer that is covered in plastic wrap and places it into the oven. You cannot heat plastic wrap in the oven.

Brenda Elzin

Correction: It was covered in aluminum foil, not plastic wrap.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ben Thomas prints off Emily Posa's information at the IRS building, the screen shows her Social Security Number and her Date of Birth in the top right corner, but on the print out, it's not there.

Correction: Omitting the social security number and date of birth from any hard copies printed is not an unreasonable data security measure for a government system.

Corrected entry: Will Smith's box Jellyfish is a saltwater creature. However, when he moves to the motel he stayed at for two weeks, the jellyfishes aquarium is being filled with water from a hose, not with saltwater.

Correction: He could have added salt without us viewing it. Not a mistake.

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