Beverly Hills Chihuahua
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Chloe: You don't scare me anymore.
Diablo: Then why are you shaking?
Chloe: Cause I am a Chihuahua.

Papi: We're Mexi-can, not Mexi-can't.

Delgado: I saw you in there, being pampered, eating.
Chloe: The closest I came to food was a used churro.

Papi: She's... gone. Wake up mi corazon. It's me... your Popi. Speak to me. Fill my ears with your beautiful voice. Without you, the sun will have no warmth... the flowers, no beauty. Cloe, my tail will have no wag. Come back to Beverly Hills with me, and I will tend your garden forever. Your love is the rain that falls upon my earth.
Chloe: Don't stop now, it's just getting good.

Continuity mistake: In scene two, when Rachel is getting ready in the bathroom with her friends, she is wearing her shoes. Chloe (the dog) is mad because she wants to be fed, and after she is given dog food, puts a clump into Rachel's shoes. She should have not had her shoes on in the bathroom in order for this to make sense.

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