Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Continuity mistake: When the rat and the lizard fall from the pinata at the store, there is candy on the floor. But when they are escaping, there is no candy on the floor.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: In scene two, when Rachel is getting ready in the bathroom with her friends, she is wearing her shoes. Chloe (the dog) is mad because she wants to be fed, and after she is given dog food, puts a clump into Rachel's shoes. She should have not had her shoes on in the bathroom in order for this to make sense.


Continuity mistake: When Rachel dumps the canned dog food onto Chloe's dish, it's in one large, can-shaped clump. In the next shot, when Chloe approaches it, the food has repositioned itself into three separate chunks so that Chloe can pick one piece up and put it in Rachel's shoe.

Jean G

Chloe: You don't scare me anymore.
Diablo: Then why are you shaking?
Chloe: Cause I am a Chihuahua.

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