Love in the Time of Cholera

Continuity mistake: During dinner the evening after her father sends her cousin away, Fermina threatens to kill herself by pointing a knife to her throat. In the close-ups, the tip is approximately midway between her chin and her ear. In the long shot, it is much closer to her ear, almost below the earlobe.

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At some point during the marriage of Juvenal Urbino and Fermina Daza, Dr. Urbino visits Florentino Ariza's office to ask for a donation from Florentino's uncle for a musical charity event. He asks Florentino whether he likes music, and Florentino answers that he likes the music of Carlos Gardel. A few scenes later, the town welcomes the arrival of the year 1900. Tango singer Carlos Gardel was born in either 1887 or 1890, and did not reach fame until the 1920s, so it is impossible for Florentino Ariza to have heard his music before the year 1900, when Gardel was, at the most, only 12 and not yet into singing.