Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Corrected entry: When Nick, Norah and the band begin their search for Caroline, Lethario/Beefy Guy screams "SEARCH PARTY" as Nick and Norah enter the van. Norah responds by saying "Oh God." but her mouth doesn't move. (00:31:40)


Correction: Your mouth doesn't have to move to say "Oh God". Try it.


Corrected entry: When Nick and Norah are walking together in the street, the shots change and go to their faces, but you can see from the movement of their shoulders that they've either stopped walking or are sitting down. In the following shots, they are walking just as they were, so we are to assume that those things were said while they were still walking.

Correction: Since the background is also stationary while they are talking, you are meant to assume that they are sitting on the curb or possibly a bench. The reason walking scenes are placed before and after this scene is so that audience is given the idea that they are really getting into their conversation and have been talking awhile.

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