Other mistake: When Schadenfreude is playing the piano the first time he's on screen, he starts off by playing a slow, dark piece. Right before the piece turns to a more jazzy, upbeat number, he plays three final chords: The first is higher then the others, the second is lower, and the third is somewhere in the middle. But, if you watch his hands, the first two chords were mixed up: the first chord is played with his left hand on the lower half of the piano, and the second is played with his right hand, visibly on the higher keys. This doesn't match the audio, as the chord was supposed to be lower then the first, not higher.


Continuity mistake: When Eva is being brainwashed, her car is numbered '12.' During the brainwash she doesn't move from her seat, but when the brainwash is over, she comes out of a car numbered '03.'


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Igor: As somebody I loved once said: It's better to be a good nobody, than an evil somebody.

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Question: At the start of the movie, Igor tells the story of what happened to Malaria's weather. If that's so, how come the people hadn't noticed that the king's supposed beacon started producing storm clouds at the first place?

Roman Curiel

Answer: The King's Beacon keeps everyone feeling gloomy and depressed...so not only is it oppressive, but once started-theoretically, anyway-it will STAY that way until someone shuts it down. Igor's friends do just that while he saves Eva, the kindly "monster."

Erik M.

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