Revolver (2005)


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Jake Green: The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.


Jake Green: I am rich. Seriously fucking rich.
Jake Green: Now I'm richer. A lot fucking richer.

Jake Green: Oh, I know you're still there... cause I can feel you dying. I can hear you tapping me... for a little nutrition. Now who's looking for a fix? It gets a little tight in here, do you? Well, you're not wrong... cause the walls are moving in. No food here. Not today, sunshine. My eyes are open and the restaurant's closed. Jog on. Slide off. Find someone else to fill your pipe. Someone, who won't see you coming... or know, when you're there.

Avi: The greatest con, that he ever pulled... was making you believe... that he is you.

Jake Green: Gradually they thought they'd found a formula to the con. A formula to win the ultimate win.

Macha: You got a big mouth on a small head, sunshine.

Macha: What? He missed? Sorter never fucking misses.

Jake Green: Dorothy Macha, the man responsible for the time I served. A man who'll pass a death sentence quicker than you'll pass the salt.

Macha: A wise man once told me... there's only one rule in this world, a small question that drives all success. The more a man invests in that question, the more powerful that man will become.
Macha: Can you guess what that question is, Mr. Green?
Macha: What's in it for me?

Macha: So how exactly did this one manage to disarm and overpower a four-time national bodybuilding champion? Drag him half a block, throw him over six-foot wall, and then feed him to his own gun?

Jake Green: The longer you listen, the sweeter the pitch.

Other mistake: When they open the bag of money and fan through it, you can see the back bill says TWELVE - as in a twelve dollar bill.

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