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Corrected entry: While not directly stated, it is heavily implied that the house belonging to Detective Hoffman is actually the same "Nerve Gas" house from "Saw II" (based on its structural design and the presence of the trap-door leading down into the passageways), only refurbished and fixed-up. This implies that he has moved into the property and fixed it up in order to help cover up the incident and keep the police from discovering the true location.

Correction: This has already been submitted and corrected. The Nerve Gas House from Saw II was connected to the bathroom from the first film, and Saw 3D shows the corpses of Adam, Zepp and Xavier still in there. The police discovered the house in this film at the very end, and if it was the same house from Saw II, then the forensics sweep would have led to the corpses in the bathroom as well. They wouldn't just leave the bodies there. If anything, the house in Saw V is simply the same kind of model as the one in Saw II.

Phaneron Premium member

The house that the police find is a different house that strongly resembles the nerve gas house. The actual nerve gas house was never found by the police.


Corrected entry: When Agent Strahm is investigating Hoffman, he pulls up a list of previous Jigsaw victims, which include Dr. Gordon, Zep, and Adam from the bathroom game. These people should not be on the list, since the bathroom was never found before this time. The police can't just write these name on a list with merely assumptions, not to mention the fact there is hardly any evidence which could be a link to being a victim of Jigsaw for these people.

Correction: You're forgetting the fact that Zep held Dr. Gordon's wife and daughter captive in their own home and had them both talk to Gordon on the phone where he told his wife he was being held captive in a room somewhere with Adam. A little investigation by the police after the wife and daughter were rescued and it wouldn't be a reach for them to conclude that Jigsaw was behind it all. Especially given that Zep was watching security cameras of the bathroom from Dr. Gordon's own home. Plus, as we find out in the final film, Dr. Gordon survived the ordeal. And although he himself became a Jigsaw apprentice afterwards, he could still give the police details about his captivity without compromising Jigsaw.

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Corrected entry: When Luba threatens to kill Mallick in the bathtub test, he falls into the tub and gets his pants and shirt wet in the water. When he gets out, however, he's completely dry.


Correction: He doesn't actually go into the water, if you look carefully.

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Corrected entry: Agent Strahm's first trap is the only trap in the whole Saw franchise that doesn't have a timer or a "hello I want to play a game," either from a tape or TV recording.


Correction: Not true. The mausoleum trap at the very beginning of Saw IV had neither a timer nor a tape/video instructing the victims what to do.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Strahm is chasing Hoffman into a house, Hoffman uses a trapdoor on the 2nd floor to lead into a basement. This proves that Hoffman's personal house is actually the nerve-gas house from Saw 2, only refurbished. This also could mean that the fire that is discussed by the five victims was a fire that cleaned out the Saw 2 house. The eight victims that died in the fire were most likely: Jonas, Xavier, Obi, the prostitute, the man who got his head shot off, the blond girl. The last two bodies found have to have been Adam and Gordon's bodies. This means that the fire was set to get rid of the corpses and then Hoffman bought the home and refurbished it to live in.

Correction: This trivia submission is incorrect for several reasons: 1) The submitter forgot about Zepp's body, meaning 9 bodies would have been found instead of eight, implying it isn't the house that burned down, 2) "Saw 3D" shows us that Dr. Gordon is still alive, and that the bodies of Zepp, Xavier and Adam are still in the bathroom. If the police had found them and filed the report, the bodies would have been removed. Other small circumstances in later films also contradict this theory.


Corrected entry: It would be impossible for Hoffman to pass off Seth's trap as a Jigsaw trap. From what I understand, the only trap that happened before Seth's was Cecil's trap, and there was no tape or puppet at that time to be able to imitate. Unless in later movies we are told that more traps happened between the time of Cecil and Seth's traps, this is a plot hole.


Correction: Though it is never directly explained, we are lead to assume that there have been other test subjects besides the ones we've seen in the films. One of these unseen tests is where Hoffman get the tape.

Corrected entry: When Agent Strahm is being crushed at the end of the film, he looks up at the camera and screams. But once the screams have stopped, his mouth remains open as though he is screaming still. This shows that the screams were dubbed.

Correction: It occurs in many other movies that when a character is about to die while screaming, his screams often turn into moans or even silence while still keeping his mouth open.

Corrected entry: When Detective Hoffman was shown captured by Jigsaw to be recruited into his 'game', Jigsaw introduces the notion of not liking being given credit for work that's not his. It appears as if he is speaking based on jaw movement but no sound comes out.

Correction: Throughout this scene his mouth movement and speech match up perfectly.

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Corrected entry: After Ashley is decapitated in the collar trap, we see her body later on from the view of the hidden cameras. But by the time we see her corpse, the nail bombs have already gone off and should have caused some damage to it or the room, yet neither is visible or present.

Correction: You can't see any of the damage because the cameras are grainy and not very clear at all.

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Corrected entry: When Agent Strahm is in his head box trap screaming, there is a lot of flash-cutting, including a shot of an outtake of the actor smiling with a towel.

Correction: Having just watched this scene in slow motion, I can say that there is no shot of him with a towel.

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Corrected entry: In the electricity trap, after a brief close up, it snaps to a view of the whole room, you can see the boom mic lifting up and actually see outside of the set.

Correction: I watched this scene several times looking for the boom mic, and I've never seen it. And I can guarantee you never see outside of the set- the flashing of the electricity and sparks indicates there are walls and a ceiling, making it impossible to see outside.

Corrected entry: There is no way that the grated doors in the second part of the sewer tests would have protected their occupants from a nail-bomb explosion that was powerful enough to pulverize Charles's body. The nails and debris would have been propelled through the doors and fatally impaled whoever was inside.

Correction: The grated doors were not protecting the occupants - the metal tubes inside they hid in are what protected them, by not only shielding them, but placing them at such an angle that the explosion and debris could not reach them.

Corrected entry: When the Realtor is getting out of the final room, the door is left open and the FBI agent is talking to her. The nail bombs never go off, although the counter never stopped.

Correction: It is never shown, if the timer still counts down or actually has stopped. Additionally, in the video the doll/Hoffman says, "In 15 minutes, if the beaker is not filled, the bombs go off" - he doesn't say what happens if the beaker actually IS filled.

Corrected entry: When the 5 start the first part of their game (the neck tie trap), they start going for the keys with around 10 minutes on the clock. Yet by the time of the decapitation and leaving the room, the timer is at around 12 minutes.

Correction: The clock starts at 15:00 and counts down. No mistake.

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Corrected entry: After they leave the bath tub room and the door is closed the bombs go off. However, when the 2 of them were in the room the video says that the room will be electrified when time runs out.

Correction: The video meant that if they didn't open the door before time ran out, the room would then be electrified. Opening the door deactivated the trap.

Corrected entry: In the first trap of the movie, Seth is in the pendulum trap. We find out that Hoffman put this trap together before he ever met John Kramer. However, on the tv, it is John Kramer's voice talking to Seth, describing the trap he is in. (Also, it is Kramer's puppet that is used in the video.).

Correction: If you listen closely, it is not Kramer's voice on the tape, it is definitely Hoffman's. As for the puppet, it would not have been difficult for Hoffman to obtain photos of the puppet from other Jigsaw cases, and construct his own.

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Corrected entry: Jigsaw and Hoffman are seen watching Paul's demise. However, in the first Saw, Jigsaw tells Paul through the tape recorder that the only exit will close at three, never to open again. How did Jigsaw and Hoffman get out?

Correction: They were watching from behind a wall. They could have had another door to get in with, or even a key. Afterall, Jigsaw made the trap.

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Corrected entry: When Hoffman visits Strahm in the hospital the boom mike moves into the picture.

Correction: Unless this will also be visible in the DVD release, this has to be considered an error by the cinema projectionist at the theater in which you watched the film.

Corrected entry: This movie shows Hoffman helping Jigsaw in the very first game of the very first movie (the obese man who cuts himself.) Which would make Hoffman's game against Seth (the ex-bf who killed his sister) occur before the very first game of the first movie. Meaning that either Jigsaw had started killing before we knew, or Seth was killed first. Even though Seth's murder was supposed to be an "imitation" of Jigsaw's as we see in the scene where Hoffman has a shotgun to his throat. The timeline doesn't fit.

Correction: It was never explicitly stated in any movie that the obese man in the razor wire was the very first test subject. We even learn in Saw IV that Cecil was the very first test subject.

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