Little Women

Corrected entry: When the March sisters decide to give their Christmas breakfast to the Hummels, Amy places an orange on the loaf of bread. An orange would be impossible to get in Massachusetts in the middle of the Civil War.

Correction: Why would it be impossible to get? California grew oranges, and sent food, supplies, some personnel to aid the Union Army during the Civil War.


Corrected entry: When Laurie kisses Jo, a large and long, noticeable slather of drool snaps between their lips as they break apart.

Correction: Which might well happen when two people kiss - not a mistake.


Corrected entry: As usual, the producers of 'Little Women' cut corners by having Germans played by English native speakers. The Hummels speak good, but not perfect German, and Friedrich Bhaer, who speaks only English in the movie, pronounces the (admittedly difficult) Goethe in a rather revealing way. (00:48:00 - 01:13:00)


Correction: The Hummels are actually played by real Germans, and in fact they speak with a south German accent.

Corrected entry: When Jo is kissing [who?] behind the set at the opera the camera cuts away, and when they come back their heads are turned in the opposite direction even though it is supposedly the same moment of the kiss.

Correction: Arguably they might have moved while the camera was elsewhere.

Corrected entry: When Jo is in New York and bumps in to Professor Bear, she has gloves on, and doesn't take them off in that scene. But in the next scene, Bear says "I knew you were a writer when I first met." or something along those lines,and then she asks "How?" and he points out the ink on her hands. If she had gloves on when they first met, how did he see the ink on her fingers?

Correction: He doesn't say that he knew it when they first met -- he says he knew it when he first saw her. The first time he saw her, as far as the audience is aware, was in the boarding house's dining room at a meal. She wasn't wearing gloves while she was eating.

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Laurie: I'm quite taken by that one.
Jo: That's Meg.
Laurie: Meg.
Jo: That's my sister. She's completely bald in front.



When Jo returns home from New York after she learns Beth is sick, she enters the room and Marmee stands up to hug her. When they hug, Marmee's arms are between them. In the next shot, they're around Jo then they switch back to being between them.



Orchard house, the house in the movie, is actually the house that Little Women's author, Louisa May Alcott was raised in.