Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Corrected entry: After Asajj tells the droids to seal the main gate of the monastery, a droid says, "Yes, mistress". But later, another droid that is the same model/style gets confused and says "Yes sir - ma'am - sir" after getting orders from her.

Correction: So what? It's been repeatedly shown throughout the saga that droids of the same model won't necessarily react in the same fashion.

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Corrected entry: Anakin and Ahsoka crash land on Tatooine in the piece-of-junk ship. After they leave the ship, you see a small group of Jawas move towards it. The ship is the same Jawa mobile fortress that the droids [C3PO & R2D2] are taken to in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

Correction: It is not the same. The Jawa Sandcrawler in A New Hope its much much bigger and is not a space ship.

Corrected entry: In the scene where R2D2, Anakin and his apprentice are walking in the desert of Tatooine, you see them walking from their ship and footprints begin. Then you see them in the next scene in the middle of the desert and you follow the footprints, and they just start a bit behind although they have been walking from their ship for a long time.

Correction: The wind has blown sand over their tracks.

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Battle droid: Surrender, Republic dogs!
Rex: We've got you outnumbered!
Battle droid: Outnumbered? Wait. One, two ... [gets blasted apart.].



During the Battle of Teth (the pillared jungle planet), the AT-TE's shoot the ledge at the top and there's not a single mark in the ledge afterward despite being hit with several joules worth of fire.



This is the first Star Wars film in which Yoda isn't voiced by Frank Oz.